Recognised as the best in the world, Jessica offers over 200 award winning custom colours, rich in depth that simply glide onto the nail. With Jessica you have the confidence of knowing that you're using colour exclusively formulated for natural nails, so the polish will stay on..and on.

Known as the "first lady of nails" Jessica Vartoughian founded Jessica Nail Clinic in 1969, being the first nail salon of it's kind then and now Jessica Nail Clinic remains the foremost centre of natural nail care with it's unique manicure technique and exceptional treatments created by Jessica.

Jessica is a pioneer in the professional nail care industry as she was the first to recognise that like skin and hair all nails are not alike as well, identifying the four different nail types damaged, dry, brittle or normal and creating specific treatments for each type. Jessica's unique nail care philosophy is behind each and every product of the extensive range.

There is no substitute for the beauty of carefully cultivated natural nails. It is of the utmost importance to start with the basic nail and to develop it's underlaying health and beauty. As women know a cosmetic makeover looks its best only when the skin beneath is beautiful; much the same with your nails, no matter how good a manicure looks at first it's beauty will fade within days without a healthy nail foundation.

For every problem there's a solution, all nails are not created equal! Just as there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different nail types that require individualised treatment. Choose a custom basecoat tailor made for your specific nail type, the table below will help you do this.

Top tips to help you to create natural healthy manicure.

When painting your nails at home it is important that you start with a clean dry nail, generously apply your chosen nail treatment and then 2 coats of your favourite Jessica colour using 8-10 strokes and make sure you seal the edges of your nail for maximum wear. Then finish with your chosen top coat.

It is important that when your nail condition improves that you change your treatment basecoat.

After your Jessica manicure it is important to protect your nails and this is how. The day after your manicure apply one coat of Jessica Top Priority under and over the nail, remember it is so important to seal the edges. Every night massage the cuticle area with Jessica Phenomen Oil for intensive moisture, then every day massage the cuticle area with Jessica Nourish Therapeutic Cuticle Creme to help condition and stimulate nail growth and then finally every 3-4 days after your Jessica manicure reapply 1 coat each of your Jessica colour and Brilliance high gloss finisher, followed by a drop of Jessica Quick Dry to ensure against smudging. If you follow this steps your Jessica manicure will last weeks.

Never soak your hands in polish remover it will dry out your nails.

Remove polish by stroking from the outer edge down towards the centre of each nail.

It's an old wives tale that nails need to "breathe" they don't, keep them polished and they stay protected.

You should trim your nails once a month to promote growth, avoid using scissors use nail clippers instead.

When filing your nails your should stroke the nail gently at a 45 degree angle, playing the file across the nail like a violin. Use long strokes form side to centre and back.

Don't use remover to thin out nail polish it will dilute the colour, if necessary to thin the polish use a basecoat.

For more information about Jessica products or to book a manicure appointment call 01622 738 774.
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