Sienna X Professional Spray Tan

Congratulations on choosing a Sienna X spray tan. Sienna X is the leading spray tan brand, providing equipment and solutions to therapists and clients across the UK and Europe.

Sienna X operate with the stringent quality control and you can be assured that in addition to using the leading products in the market, your sienna X therapist has access to top training, equipment and qualifications in spray tanning.

Your therapist's at Pure Beauty Essentials will be able to answer any question you have before, during or after your spray tan. Please find below some commonly asked questions about spray tanning.

What is spray tanning? Why does it work?
Spray tanning involves applying an active ingredient, dihydroxyactone, or a DHA, to your skin using a specialist low pressure spray machine. DHA is a colourless sugar, it interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce a golden brown colour (it's a similar process to when sliced apples go brown when exposed to air.) You can be sprayed with a lightly coloured solution of DHA, but the actual tan takes 6-8 hours to develop and the lightly coloured solution will wash off when showering. Your therapist will tell you how long to wait until you can bathe or shower.

What makes Sienna X products so great?
Therapists and specialists have tested and used our products over the past 5 years. As well as active DHA, out retail products are enriched with aloe Vera, and other natural top quality ingredients to actively moisturise and nourish your skin. Our tanning solutions even have a fantastic fragrance and you can feel like you are actually soaking up the rays, drinking a poolside cocktail.

Is it safe?
YES. It is MUCH safer than exposing your skin to the sun's rays, but you still get that great tanned look. DHA has been approved by the FDA for use in the personal care industry for over 30 years. No adverse affects have been reported other than minor skin irritations on allergic people. Allergic reactions are extremely rare and if you have experienced allergic reactions to self tanning or other beauty products please arrange a skin patch test first with your therapist.

Remember, with a sunless tan - there's NO risk of sunburn, peeling, sunstroke or sun related skin diseases.

How does my Sienna X tan last?

Your tan will last approximately 5 to 7 days depending on your daily skincare regime and lifestyle. A Sienna X tan fades just like a tan from the sun. As your skin sheds dead cells, your tan will fade. So the key is to moisturise daily to help maximize the life of your tan.

Can you use tanning beds or tan outdoors with Sienna X spray tan?

YES. You can do both if you choose, but you need to remember that a spray tan, whilst it looks gorgeous does not give you any protection from the sun's ultraviolet light. For outdoor tanning, we recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 20 or more. Remember that the sun dries your skin out, reducing the longevity of your spray tan.

Lot's of people have a Sienna X spray tan before their beach holiday so they can start off looking tanned and fabulous from day one.

What do I need to prepare for my tanning session?

To get the best results from you Sienna X tan, you need to remove your dead skin cells by exfoliating. This means that DHA solution can get straight to work on new skin cells, and gives you a longer lasting tan. Make up and deodorants can also prohibit absorption and should be removed before tanning. Do not use moisturisers just before being tanned as they can act as a barrier to the solution too.

Why is a spray tan by a therapist better than a misting booth or hands on application tan?

Everywhere you look, there are promises of smooth flawless professional tan, but only one treatment can truly deliver: the spray tan by a therapist. Why? Misting booths mean you have to contort your body within the booth to cover each area. One wrong twist by you can spell a double spraying (extra colour) or no spray (no colour). Neither you or the booth has any control over where the product ends up, and how your tan will look.

Hand application often results in streaky coloration. If it's you doing the application, not only will you probably get stained hands, but it's very difficult to get the application where you want it, especially on your back or to see where you've already applied it.

Spray tanning with quality product and done by a trained therapist gives you a precision tan, applied smoothly and equally. Special care can be given to problem areas such as knees, elbows, hair and blemishes. Giving you a tan you can be proud of.
What will happen during the treatment?
On your very first visit tanning session, your therapist will ask you a number of questions, then your therapist will give you a few minutes to get undressed (or changed into underware) and remove jewellery. Next a barrier cream will be applied to your hands and tops of your feet and any dry areas to prevent then from tanning too much.

The spraying will take about 10 minutes plus an additional few minutes to dry. For your spraying you will be invited to stand in a tanning cubicle, to ensure the spray goes on your skin, not into the air. You Sienna X therapist is experienced and qualified and will explain what is happening at each stage. During your treatment you will see golden/bronze colour on your skin. This is a guide for your therapist to see whilst spraying. It will develop over the next few hours into a gorgeous sunless tan. Some of the guide colour may wash during your initial shower.

Do I have to get naked?
No it's entirely up to you. If you don't want to get naked, we suggest you wear old dark underware or a swimming suit/bikini that you don't mind staining. For men boxers, swim trucks or shorts. Disposable underware will be given.

How dark will I get?

There are different strengths of DHA and your therapist will advise you of the best one for your skin tone, bearing in mind how dark you want to go. The darker you tan naturally, the darker you will tan with a spray tan.

What should I wear to my treatment?

Wear loose fitting dark coloured clothing and flip flops as some of the bronzer can rub off on your clothing. Any colour that does rub off on your clothes can usually be washed out during a normal wash cycle.

What about streaking and or turning orange?
Fake tanning has come a long way since the early days. Better solutions, machines, training and spray tan technology virtually eliminates these issues. Your training Sienna X therapist is experience in producing non-streaky tans and will ensure that the right solution is chosen for your colouring. We have a selection of beautiful Sienna X colours to choose from for a natural sun kissed look and long lasting results.

Who should not get a spray tan?

Women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy, anyone who is allergic to self tan or who has breathing difficulties. If in doubt or if you have further questions, please speak to your therapist before your appointment.

Before and after check list

The night before your tan, exfoliate with Sienna X exquisitely soft body polish, then moisturise with Sienna X exceptional radiance moisturising balm paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and any problem areas.

>Paint nails and toenails especially if they are acrylics or similar.

>Wax/shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment to allow pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to.

>Do not moisturise or use skin lotions on the day of your tan.

>Remove make up, deodorant, lotions, etc before your tan.

>Bring and wear dark loose clothing for after your treatment, any tight clothing or underware may cause wear marks.

>Wear flip-flops or loose fitting shoes.

>Do not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours (the development period) preferably overnight.

>Do not exercise swim during the development period.

>Try not to touch your skin during development time. After your tan your therapist will show you that your hands are clear of tanning solution. Any marks on your hands therefore are due to your hands touching the developing tan. You need to be aware that once this has developed nothing will remove it from your palms.

>After showering/bathing pat yourself dry.

>Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more.

>After day 5 exfoliate with Sienna X exquisitely soft body polish on a daily basis to help your skin absorb even more moisturiser and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous.

>Long exposure to ware and sweating from exercise will fade your spray tan. Your outer cells will start to soak up water which dilutes the effect of the tan you will get.

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