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Fashion plays a key role in Paris where the stage is set for tends to be created and then re-created season after season. L’Oreal Professional recognises the key link between fashion and hair and works tirelessly with the worlds leading trend agencies and the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design here in the UK to bring it’s salon the most fashionable looks and colours.

L’Oreal bases it’s colour on the major up and coming trends of each season, L’Oreal Professional work with us the salon to ensure that we have the latest knowledge of what the trends are for each season so that we can pass it onto you the client.

To create all of this season trends L’Oreal Professional have many different ranges to achieve any look from any season, listing below are details of some of L’Oreal’s core ranges.

L'Oreal have launched the new must have hair colour range Inoa, Inoa will change the way we think of hair colour forever. Every new exciting aspect of Inoa has been put together with client comfort in mind. The main features that set Inoa so far apart for everyone else are:
  • Inoa is 100% Ammonia free permanent colour it is fantastic at giving optimised hair quality and scalp comfort.
  • Inoa is totally odorless.
  • Inoa is very kind to the scalp and avoids sensitivity and tingling.
  • Inoa does not stain the scalp.
  • Inoa gives a beautiful mirror shine.
  • Inoa gives a true tone that really lasts
  • Inoa lightens up to three levels.
  • Inoa covers 100% grey hair.
  • Inoa has 40 gorgeous shades.
If you have any questions or would like to talk to a stylist about Inoa please call the salon on 01622 632 642 for a complementary consultation.

Majirel is only found and used by the best hairdressers; Majirel colours are rich, deep and intense with a vibrant long lasting result. What’s more the highly advanced Majirel technology gives an unrivalled colour result, guaranteeing perfect coverage of white hair. With over 120 shades it’s core range and wealth of additives to further personalize shades.
A list in Professional hair colour Majirel care for the entirety of the hair fibre, it’s two active ingredients Incell and Ionene G strengthen and reinforce the hair by reaching the surface, cortex and cuticle. The result is hair which is healthier and stronger from the inside, balanced from the roots to the ends with a smooth and shiny surface.

L’Oreal has other ranges inside it’s core range Majirel. Majirel High Lift is a fantastic high lift blonde range that’ll create bright platinum blondes to warmer more golden blondes in an instant. Majirouge is a stunning range for anyone with a will flare for colour, from vibrant coppers to deep seductive reds Majirouge has the lot. Majicontrast is for people that want to make a real statement the brightest reds and coppers you could ever imagine. L’Oreal also have other ranges that includes semi permanent colours and many more, for more information please call Pure Hairdressing on 01622 632 642

A patch test will be needed 48 hours before any colour service.
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