Nanokeratin System

The Nanokeratin System brazilian keratin treatment is a revolutionary hair styling treatment, this innovative system both straightens and repairs hair. The name Nanokeratin stems from the term “nano-molecules of keratin," a nano-molecule is 0.000000001 of the size of a regular molecule, which allows it to penetrate the smallest areas of the client’s hair and fill them with keratin (the substance that makes hair strong, shiny and soft). Once the hair strand is coated with a layer of Nanokeratin molecules, a dissolving substance is vaporised through an additional process.
At the end of this process a reaction called polymerisation occurs, filling the hair strand and making the hair durable and flexible. As a result of straightening and coating the hair with Nanokeratin, it becomes straight, beautiful, silky soft, healthier, strong, amazingly shiny and easier to style.

How does the Nanokeratin System work?

The Nanokeratin System is an innovative development at the forefront of technology that utilises nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so minuscule that millions of them can be gathered onto a pin head! Minute traces of vapour with extraordinary penetration capabilities enter and completely fill damaged hair with nano-molecular keratin particles. During the next step those nano-molecules are locked into the hair as additional vapour is infused, which creates permanent, non-soluble keratin, just like natural keratin!

The result is beautiful, silky soft, nourished hair with a glorious shine. Hair immediately becomes healthier and easier to style. The Nanokeratin System revitalises hair. It’s as simple as that!

Regular conditioners and hair treatments sometimes contain protein molecules, but these are too large to penetrate the core of your hair or to be precise, and of course they are rinsed out each time you shampoo. The Nanokeratin System method utilises the same protein that is found in your hair 'keratin' but in its most minute size, which is locked into the hair strand where it repairs and nourishes hair immediately. Nanokeratin System is simply the most advanced technology – the fastest and most efficient method in the world to repair, revitalise and care for your hair. All hair types can benefit from this innovative technology, but the results are particularly impressive in cases of severely damaged hair.
In recent years, new technologies have entered the field of hair and body care. Nanokeratin System is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of hair care.

Nanokeratin System is an innovative, advanced technology that was developed for those men and women who are interested in straightening their hair. The name Nanokeratin means nano-molecules of keratin, a substance that successfully repairs the core of damaged hair. The nano-molecules of Nanokeratin penetrate hair follicles and repair each strand.

Nanokeratin is a minuscule substance and each nano-molecule is 1/1000 of 1/1,000,000 the size of an original keratin molecule.

Nanokeratin is the basis of the innovative hair straightening method called Nanokeratin System. This method utilises a nano-molecular substance, Nanokeratin, which penetrates hair follicles and completely coats your hair. Hair stylists perform the process using an innovative hair straightening device. This tool allows the Nanokeratin nano-molecules to penetrate, coat and repair the damaged hair core and ultimately straightens the hair strand.

Once the hair strand is coated with a layer of Nanokeratin molecules, a dissolving substance is vaporised through an additional process. At the end of this process a reaction called polymerisation occurs, filling the hair strands and making the hair both durable and flexible.

Who is suitable for the Nanokeratin System?

The Nanokeratin System straightening method is suitable for all hair types. The advantage of the Nanokeratin System straightening method is that it not only smoothes hair, but once the minuscule molecules in Nanokeratin System penetrate into hair strands, they repair and make hair healthier.

The Advantages of Nanokeratin System:
Nanokeratin is the outcome of an innovative and advanced technology that creates nano-molecules of the substance keratin.Thanks to this new method, the process of hair repair, coating and straightening with Nanokeratin System is quick and achieves high quality results.

The Nanokeratin System hair repair, coating and straightening method is suitable for all hair types.The Nanokeratin System method not only fails to damage hair quality, it even repairs and makes it healthier.

Nanokeratin System before and after


For more information on the repairing quailites of nano technology please see Nanomax under the Pure Hairdressing heading. To book a consultation for the Nanokeratin System call 01622 632 642

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Nanokeratin System